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Bored of being in desert for so days and want to enjoy the outdoor activities in some greens and refreshing environment but in a desert dominant country like UAE it rare to find a greener place. Finding a refreshing place to rejuvenate your mind is the best therapy and Hatta Mountain tour is most suitable option for you.

Hatta Valley Trip

Hatta valley is in Hajar mountains, located to east of Dubai, separated from the city by unknown territory. It’s a kind of town at some distance from the main city. The temperature of the valley is moderate throughout the year, but it is best to visit the valley between October to May. Environment created by freshwater bodies, greener plants and cool breeze are the things a soul demand. The culture of Hatta valley relates from the stone age times and show cases the old cultural history of the Arabs, who lived in caves and carved mountains.

In a desert dominant place , it is hard to find a place with water and plants but you can have a fresh air of breath at Hatta. We will take you to the most unforgettable trip to UAE which also include visit to Hatta Moutains. The most prominent feature if the Hatta valley is its Hatta lake. The green sparkling waters of the lake between the rocky mountains of the Hajar is a sight to behold.

Visit Hatta Dam

You can also visit the Hatta Dam if you are in the area. The dam is deeper so you cannot swim but you can sit on the bank and enjoy the natural sceneries. Locals there rent Kayaks for a tour of the whole dam which is a very refreshing experience. The rocky mountains that surround the valley give it a very beautiful serene look. These mountains are the best place for the people who liking mountain trekking and hiking.


Activities to do in Hatta Mountain Tour

Hatta Heritage Village

The off-road tour with Arabian Land Tour ‘Hatta Mountain Safari‘ is a great way. Explore the rugged landscape and experience, the beautiful desert scenery of Hatta surrounded by mountains. Departing from Dubai in a 4×4 vehicle, this tour will take you through mountainous roads to the Hatta Heritage Village.

Kayaking in Hatta Dam

Kayaking is the most adventurous part of a Hatta tour. So you start it from Hatta Water Dam. The feel of this action is amazing. You will see the deep water nearby and take a boat ride at Hatta Dam Kayaking. The fresh air along with the beauty of the water brings the best feeling of pleasure and adventure. If you are looking at this activity for the first time and feel hesitant, I suggest you wear a life jacket without any hesitation and enjoy the thrill of life

Take a look outside to capture the serene atmosphere, including popular places, markets, and more. Don’t miss taking photos with the locals whenever you get a chance to get some memorable memories on the trip.

Hatta Heritage Village View

Apart from this, if you visit Hatta, you will find many ancient and historical sites. Old Heritage So Heritage Village is one of them. Additionally, when you go on a Hatta tour you will feel like you are back in the past. In addition, different views describe how the people of the 18th century lived there. However, every year a variety of events are held at this place to display various old weapons and equipment.

Explore Hatta Hill Park

In the meantime, if you want to experience another level of peace and tranquility, head to Hatta Hill Park. Because this place is ideal for those who want to spend a memorable time with family and friends. On the top mountain, you can see the beauties of Hatta Hill Park. Therefore, this place is also a picnic spot for families because here, you can enjoy the thrill of beautiful mountains along with a barbecue and much more.

Thrilling Mountains Hatta Safari

Also, for those who love real adventure with amazing adventures, the thrilling mountain safari in Hatta is best for you. Therefore, we offer you Hatta tours with different levels of unique styles.

Hatta Fort

The focal point of the village is the ancient fort, as well as the mosque which is over 200 years old. You can see many beautifully restored mud houses, monuments, and modest buildings. Also, visit Hatta Hill Park, which is famous for its refreshing mountain trails and lush greenery for picnics. You can enjoy a buffet meal at Hatta Fort Hotel at no extra charge. So if you are looking for a beautiful, adventurous trip away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, then this trip is for you!

View discount packages

The first thing to look for in Private Hatta Tour packages from Dubai. To attract tourists, many tour operators come with discounted prices. These are usually packages that are not in season or out of the competition. Any new company comes with quality but offers discounts and packages that exceed the competition. You can use one of these packages and make your trip memorable.

Do you prefer to book off-season?

Booking a secret Hatta Wadi private tour of the idle season from Dubai and Sharjah is another way to get it at low prices. You do not have to pay high prices, but any travel company will charge low prices for travel. However, keep in mind that the off-season item does not always work. Sometimes you may have to pay more than usual for off-season conditions. Therefore, you should check certain details for the off-season.

For many tourists who want to visit Hatta Dam, the off-season is a must. If the total number of visitors is low, you will get good prices for services through

Choose local tour operators

Many of the founders, as well as locals established in the area, donated a trip to Hatta Oman from Dubai. This offer is based on the complete tour and travel package with some special services and full functionality.

If you are behind the full luxury or a high-class tour, you should choose a local package operator. The company will provide you with services on a specific budget.

Hatta Mountain Tour Overview

Another unique specification of the place which attracts the tourists are the rock pools. The green water pooling out of the mountains looks like natural outdoor Jacuzzis and give an eye capturing view. There are many hotels and mountains resorts, if you wish stay at Hatta and explore more of the valley. These resorts are mostly built between the mountains or near the Hatta lake so that the tourists can spend their maximum time praising the natural beauty of the place and its refreshing environment.

Why you must visit the Hatta Mountains. You can visit the green parks and bee gardens in evening time to reenergize yourself. The Grand Hatta Mosque in the valley is a place you should surely visit. The mosque is spacious and has separate facilities for men and women.

The whole tour to UAE is eventually a tiring experience either wandering on a desert safari or enjoying the amazing gaming technology. After all that commotion all you want is a calm and soothing environment to wipe away all the tiredness from your body and mind.

Our customer services on the Hatta Mountains tour will provide you the best tour experience with pick and drop from your staying resort and a visit of all the important landmarks of Hatta valley.

We have jaw dropping hatta Mountain tour deals that will provide you with complete tour guide, refreshments and food including bbq, fireworks and bonfires, musical nights and so much more. The fun packed trip to Hatta is awaiting you so don’t hold back and get a chance so experience the best exotic holiday of your life in totally unknown world tour destinations.

Hatta Tour Packages

Hatta tour

Basic Package

  • Centralized Pick & Drop by Shared Vehicle
  • Drive Through Hajar Mountains
  • Hatta Dam ( Kayaking Extra Charge)
  • Fort Hotel Hatta ( Sightseeing )
  • The Hatta Hill Park
  • Heritage Village Hatta
  • Wadi Hub
  • Sawan Lake

Price: 85 AED

1205 Reviews
Hatta tour

Advance Package​

  • Home & Hotel Pick & Drop Shared 4×4 Car
  • Drive Through Hajar Mountains
  • Hatta Dam ( Kayaking Extra Charge)
  • Fort Hotel Hatta ( Sightseeing )
  • The Hatta Hill Park
  • Heritage Village Hatta
  • Wadi Hub
  • Sawan Lake

Price: 99 AED

125 Reviews
Hatta tour

Private Package​

  • Home & Hotel Pick & Drop Private 4×4 Car/ Max 6 Persons
  • Drive Through Hajar Mountains
  • Hatta Dam ( Kayaking Extra Charge)
  • Fort Hotel Hatta ( Sightseeing )
  • The Hatta Hill Park
  • Heritage Village Hatta
  • Wadi Hub
  • Sawan Lake

Price: 500 AED

205 Reviews

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Inclusions/ Exclusions
What is included in the tour?

  • Pickup & Drop
  • Wadi-e-Hatta
  • Hatta Dam
  • The Hatta Hills
  • Hatta Park
  • Hatta Heritage Village
  • The Hatta Market
  • Hatta Mountain View
  • Swan lake Hatta
  • Hatta Fort Hotel

Centralized Locations for Hatta Tour


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