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What Is The Most Famous Desert In Dubai?

Dubai deserts are one of nature’s wonderful gifts that you have to go on a Desert Safari Dubai to fall in love with the huge dunes.

There is no better way to explore the Dubai desert than by doing it in the mighty Polaris Dune Buggy. Dune Buggy Dubai is special for thrill-seekers. The Dune buggy comes with an automatic transmission to make it easy to handle. There is a variety of Sand Buggies to give you the experience you’re looking for.

It’s time to enter the new dimension of the off-road Dune Buggy in the evening desert safari Dubai. Let’s explore more with Dune Buggy. Get ready to explore the Arabian Desert with a high-powered dune buggy.

Carving for the high-speed tour? Enjoy Quad Bike Ride in Dubai Desert. Begin a 6-hour program with a comfortable air-conditioned drive to the Lehbab Desert. Get instructions from the ATV centre, put on your protective gear and hop on the ATV.

Set out for a dune ride on the red sands for approximately 45 minutes. Continue to a typical desert camp and experience various activities such as henna tattooing, hookah smoking, and wearing Arabic clothes. Take a short ride on a camel.

Enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner buffet with live traditional tanoura and belly dance performances before heading back to the city. Here are the quad bike tour additions depending on the package type.

  • Belly Dances
  • Tanoura Show
  • Fireman Show
  • VIP Table and Services
  • Nargile
  • Live BBQ Buffet
  • 4×4 Pickup and Drop off
  • Refreshing
  • Short Camel Ride
  • Sand Dune
  • Camel ride
  • Quad bike
  • Sand Surf
  • 4×4 Pickup and Drop-off
  • Sand Dune
  • ATV Cycling Tour (Outdoor and Indoor in the Desert)
  • Camel ride
  • Refreshing
  • Live Shows (Belly Dance, Tanoura, Fire Show)
  • Barbecue Buffet

Dubai Parasailing Prices:

 Desert Safari offers the best Dubai deals with discounts. Not to miss the Dubai tour with views of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Atlantis, Marina and many other adventure groups.

UAE Sharjah Desert Safari is an almost 6-hour tour of the desert. This tour includes dune driving, sand riding, camel ride, barbecue dinner, belly dancing, henna tattoo and drop-off.

UAE Sharjah tour is one of the must-do things if you are visiting UAE Desert Safari. A safari you can’t find anywhere else and worth every penny you spend. The diversity of natural landscapes is the main attraction for every tourist. The unique charm and vastness of the desert attract and captivate visitors from all over the world.

Parasailing Tour Includes:

  1. Boat tour
  2. 15 – 20 Minutes Parasailing from 500 ft to 800 ft.
  3. Self Photograph
  4. Waterproof Camera to capture highlights
  5. Full panoramic view of the beach

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Tanoura dance show inside the Arabian adventure style camp, Belly dance and fire show, Unlimited tea, coffee, and cold drinks are available.

Women can paint henna, local costumes for photo shoots, and take pictures with Arabian Eagle, the best desert safari are other highlights of the Dubai desert safari tour.

Dinner will be served at the end of the show, with both veggie/non-vegetable continental meals and grilled barbecue dishes. After an unforgettable adventure journey, we will drop you back at your Dubai pickup location.

Dubai is a world-renowned tourist destination for its evening desert safari tours, and a trip to this magnificent country wouldn’t be complete without an adventurous desert safari. And Dubai Adventures is your perfect stop to quench your thirst, Beautiful golden sands are not only attractive but also part of the adventure you must feel on your Dubai tour.