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Top Trending Thrill-Veiled Activities to Do in Dubai

There are 7 states in U.A.E and Dubai is the one that stands non-identical from others due to its architectural vision and enterprising adventure. These characteristics have attractions for the whole world, no matter, what the age is. The spectacle places of Dubai city tour welcome the tourists to have unforgettable memories through the activities, as follows:

1. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

 For the dreamers who have the dream to live an aquatic life, Dubai Aquarium, and Underwater Zoo is the real way to fulfill their dream. You feel as if you are greeting, hugging, and kissing the water creatures. 

2. Enjoy the Dubai Safari Desert 

Wake up with the dawn and have an unending adventurous ride with dune bikes. Bash the sand with self-drive dunes and quad bikes under the supervision of professional drivers. To explore more, the Safari Desert has a combo of 

  • Camel Riding
  • BBQ dinner 
  • Desert Camp at night

3. Global Village: 90 Cultures Under One Canopy

The global village has summarized 90 countries’ cultures in it with really admiring fascination. Adding more to the beauty of this masterpiece, it has a vast variety of entertainment, music, dining, and shopping.

4. The Endless Adventurous Experience In The Extensive Dubai Mall & Dancing Fountain

Undoubtedly, the wondrous Dubai Mall is the epitome of emirate; Dubai. Roaming about the Mall for shopping, leisure and entertainment add excitement to the experience. At the bottom of Dubai Mall, the poetic notes of music create a breathtaking sight in the eyes of spectators.  

5. Lets’ Have Dinner at the Burj Al Arab Hotel  

Dinner at Burj Al Arab Hotel is marvelous. Spending the night sitting at the table with delicious food in this huge iconic 5-star hotel beautifies the everlasting recollection of memory of the bank.

6. Practice Skydiving Above the ‘Palm Jumeirah’

Feel yourself free and flat rising, into the air at the height of 13,000 ft. is outstanding. Skydiving above a man-made Island is one of the hilarious activities of Dubai city tour. 

7. Use Your Bargaining Expertise at The Dubai Souk

An abundance of shops like gold jewelry, special perfumes, and Silk fabrics and spices for food is the means of unleashing adventure.

8. Embark On an Opulent Yacht

A memorable time is waiting for the beauty lovers of water to sail through the thrilling waves. Under the qualm of moonlight, listening to the music of life and having a buffet dinner is enchanting. 

9. Get an Opportunity for Scuba Diving At Fujairah

A perfect place for diving lover tourists. Fujairah is an absolute territory of lively water creatures like whales, lobsters, sharks, colorful fish, and sea turtles. 

10. Indulge Yourself in a Luscious Dinner in the Sky

50 meters above the earth hanging in the air to enjoy the pleasure of mouth-watering food is one of the unique experiences in the Global Village of earth.

11. Have a Pace on the Broken Glass Floor At Burj Khalifa

The 125th floor of Burj Khalifa made of glass is a model of excellence as walking on the floor of glass that breaks (just bullied) with every step is a matchless experience.

12. Feel the Pleasure Of A Bright Night At Dubai Garden Glow

The glow of the garden with the designer‘s triumph of shimmering jellyfish and lovable tunnels is a sightseeing example of artistry. The display of light is a well-crafted art of this theme park.

Here is no end to this unbeatable entertainment. You can also have more activities as,

13. Fly over the Desert in A Parachute

14. Experience the Joy of Horse Riding In Mushrif Park

15. View the Whole City In A Helicopter

16. Uncovered Your Hidden Sentiments in Adventure Park

17. Fly Boarding with A Speedy Jet

18. Have an Eye On Dubai Marina Zip Line

So what you are waiting for. Go for a booking, pack your luggage and feel happiness from these adventurous doings.