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Top Trending Things To Do In Dubai Desert Safari

Okay! You have budgeted money in your pocket and want to travel the planet of UAE with your loved ones. You must begin your journey with zeal and zest toward the Dubai Emirates. Have you ever heard about the Dubai desert safari? I am sure, everyone has heard and has a dream to add this experience to his life also. The months between November and March are the best to plan this visit. Desert safari Dubai is one of the most desired places in Dubai for adventure lovers. Moreover, your trip to Dubai is incomplete without your visit to the Desert Safari. A tour of 6 hours in the plains of sand is entirely loaded with valor and enthusiasm.

It comprises many types but below is the most famous desert safari list.

  1. Morning Desert Safari
  2. Evening Desert Safari
  3. Overnight Desert Safari

Each Desert Safari is full of excitement and spell-casting experiences so it is difficult for adventurers to give preference to their choice of Desert Safari.

However, the unending happiness that they can add to their Diaries is a MUST wherever their decision to go. Come let’s have an eye on the cheerful things to do on a desert safari

Have a drive in a Jeep, a Buggy, or 4 x 4:

In the sand of the hot desert, these vehicles are the perfect source of your entertainment destination. Early in the morning, breaking the silence of dawn getting into the Jeep, and sitting in a 4 x 4 or a Buggy will be the most hilarious experience. There will not be a limit to your Joy going ahead making streaks of sand behind your wheels. The picture of throwing sand over the sky is panoramic. Riding the buggy is a bit expensive but not more than the expressions of joy that you have on your face after this adventure.

Emplane in Hot Air Balloon:

To see the skin brown color of sand while soaring high in the sky with a cool breeze of the morning is mesmerizing. Adding more to the beauty of this picture unveiling of the sun is enough with its full brightness. Moreover, the reflection of sun rays adds Shimmery effects on the sand. The capturing of this captivating sight in your camera is a must.

Catch the beauty on Sand Board:

Standing on a board with tied feet, and bashing the dune is the most heart-loving activity for the explorers. This lively picture of a desert safari excites the feeling of enjoyment at its peak. That’s why the voyages feel their trip joyless without having these thrills.

Do Camel Riding and Horse Riding:

As the camel is known as the ship of the desert so why do you leave your trip without embarking on this ship. No, no….. Not embark the ship in the sea but rather ‘ride the ship’ in the desert. The soothing feeling of camel riding is as tender as the camel walking up and down. Likewise, horse riding arouses the perfect feeling of comfort. However, I must say in both these thrills no one is less than the other in excitement.

Try to ride a Quad Bike or Dirt Bike:

Riding a bike whether a quad bike or dirt bike is a blast making yourself visible, sometimes invisible in the vast sea of sand. Though these rides are a bit expensive for bikers, there is no accounting for the taste.

Have entertainment in Desert Camp at night:

After all, these tiresome amusements then come the mental and physical tranquillity time. Now is the time to feel the beauty of the sunset. Lying on cozy mattresses under the vastness of the silent sky, enjoying windy weather in sandy places, and having a tasty dinner is at the pitch of charge. Furthermore, alluring belly dance, Hookah, and finger-licking BBQ dinner at the Al-Khaimah activities are a bonus to this eternal happening.

Instigate your experience by Stargazing:

‘Stars can’t shine without darkness.’ Well, the time of dawn to dusk is on the move. This darkness of the desert is increasing the sightseeing beauty of stars in the sky. Seize this scenery through the lens of your camera. This activity of star-watching under the guidance of an astronomer will surely cast a spell of calm on your nerves. So spending the whole night in the desert with these enjoyments is quality time in itself.