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Top 6 Adventure Things of Dubai

According to countless travel and tourism blogs around the world, Dubai is listed as one of the hottest destinations not only for Asians but for people all over world. Dubai is located in Gulf region and serves oil-rich homes worldwide. According countless travel and tourism blogs around world. Dubai is listed as one of hottest destinations not only for Asians but for people all over world. Dubai is located in Gulf region and serves oil-rich homes worldwide. Achieve title of largest gold trader globally and title of “City of Gold.” Dubai has gone from being a fishing village to a complete tourist attraction. If you are looking for an adventurous trip to Dubai like desert safari, below is a list of 7 most adventurous places in Dubai that you can visit.

The breathtaking skyscrapers, exotic deserts, and man-made islands are fascinating places that make it unique and impressive.

Desert Safari:

We know that there are many places for tourists in Dubai, but it is a unique desert the Gulf country. Being in middle of the Sahara Desert is an extraordinary experience. Staying overnight in Arabic camps and drinking Arabic tea and shisha puffs is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Desert safari is one of the biggest adventures in Dubai, where you can explore things without any restrictions.

Underwater Aquarium:

Did you go underwater aquarium? This time, there is one! Visiting Aquarium is one of the most popular get-away adventures, offering a wide variety of activities such as overflowing zoos, glass-covered boat rides, swimming, and shark-jumping. This is a great way to combine knowledge related to similar places to gather, so try some of best opportunities at Dubai’s most popular travel destinations.

Burj Ul Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa, tallest building of Dubai, is on every explorer’s list of places to visit. The mesmerizing view from 124th floor does not take the memory of it on one side and blue-green sea on other lightly. If you are exploring, you cannot miss this place, which is a must for a list of travelers.

Palm Island:

If you are wondering about fake islands, in any case, have never seen one, then you should visit Palm Islands. The Palm Islands are a group of two mixed man-made islands located Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. The island of Palm Jumeirah is complete, and explorers can visit. The island in Jebel Ali is not yet finished at this time, so you can not go there. These islands are named because of their size. Many explorers are advised to view the islands from any of the tallest structures in Dubai, such as Observation Deck at Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Fountain:

Looking back at the list of traveler adventures, Dubai Fountain is one must-starts. This is probably best place to visit. The Dubai Fountain is tallest and most especially set up fountain worldwide. The well reaches a height of 900 feet, which is probably best thing to see on the spot. It is located high on Burj Lake and constantly attracts many visitors for excursions. The compound of nightlife with the harmonious progress of water in well is undoubtedly visible to travelers.

Wild Wadi:

Wild Wadi is an acclaimed entertainment mecca near Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Specially designed for exclusive thrill rides with over 25 variants. This is perfect place to have fun with your family while learning old stories from Arabia based on Wild Wadi reality. It is the best place to visit Dubai.