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Top 5 Things To Do On Khorfakkan Tour

For travelers who have a quest for peace in their hearts a trip to Khorfakkan is a MUSTKhorfakkan tour is an ultimate destination of delight for the believers.

The Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever 

Here the imagination of dreamers comes into reality. Khorfakkan which means ‘Creek of two Jaws’ is located on the east coast of UAE facing the Gulf of Oman between the Shumayliyah Mountains and the Arabian Sea at the height of 1,023 meters.

Khorfakkan is a beach where beauty goes beyond the limits. Getting tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life and the warmth of Sandy deserts set forth your journey towards Khorfakkan Beach. Which has become an emblem of distinction due to its calmness and tranquillity. Khorfakkan beach is embedded with the astounding Rocky Mountains and white sandy beaches. Adding more to its beauty, this is a lovely place for aquatic lovers who long to sink deep below the surface of the water. It is a full-day amusement destination. There is an abundance of things to do in Khorfakkan tour, some top trending activities are enlisted here.

1. Boarding A Trip To Shark Island

The name of the island is a bit terrifying but there is no need to be petrified. Because zero shark attacks have been seen here but it does not mean that there is nothing to view over here. Picturesque imagery of turquoise seawater with scattered clouds is breathtaking. The reflection of golden rays of sun on the shiny surface of rocks is an apotheosis. Moreover, Shark Island is the perfect destination for those who have a desperate desire for sea diving. They enjoy swimming, scuba diving, and snorkelling at their best. It is the best island for a plunge with a maximum depth of 6 m. The aquatic lovers take delight in the view of water creatures like anemones, mackerel, barracuda, and black tip reef sharks which can be witnessed between November and April.

2. Activities Of Snorkeling & Watersport In Khorfakkan

There are no words to describe the experience of plunging into the transparent waters. To derive delight in having a bath in the deep sea with water creatures; friendly dolphins, appealing Sharks, gigantic Whales, and octopuses with tentacles is awesome. Does the fun end here? Not at all…… There is a lot ahead to explore. The sea bed is quite clear due to the shallow water and the view of coral reefs inhabited by Crocodile fish and guitarfish is amiable. Water jet ski, fly board, and pedal boat rides are quite safe and sources of delight in the list of adventures.

3. Parasailing At Fujairah Khorfakkan Beach

Likewise, soaring high in the sky on the warm sand of Desert Safari, parasailing on the blue sparkling water, and feeling the cool and refreshing air kissing the faces is truly sublime.

4. Kayaking In Al Rafisah Dam

7 minutes drive from Khorfakkan, is located, Al Rafisah Dam. It is an astounding place with a lovely landscape of the lake. A big opportunity for Kayaking is available here. There are play areas for children. Hence, they spend quality hours in games like volleyball, football, and badminton. There are also swings, slides, and a lot more fun with the addition of refreshments (food and ice cream).

5. Shopping At Friday Market

With a lot of watersports, shopping is a relaxing experience. 3 topmost things you can get from the Friday Market

  • fruits and vegetables
  • mud pottery
  • carpets.

The revitalizing of snacks and drinks is the giving of fresh strength and energy. The bargaining conversation between the visitors and shopkeepers is quite amicable and entertaining.