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We all know Dubai is a city of fun, entertainment, and excitement. Moreover, including luxury malls, you will enjoy skyscraping, unrivalled tourist activities, and amazing family theme parks. Thus you need to make a list of things to do on the Dubai desert safari with your buddies. The city of white sand beaches with lush green lands has hidden desert that you will discover in your latest trip.

Now Dubai is treated as a revolutionary leader for future life. People love Dubai because of its fast, innovative life with the latest technology. However, Dubai never forgets its culture and coloured history full of love. Therefore, if you are visiting Dubai, you must prepare yourself to experience different things to do in Dubai.

Feel the height of Burj Khalifa

Do you know that Burj khalifa is 828m in height? This tallest building is located in the heart of Dubai. This spectacular creation is a big inspiration to many people. After seeing Burj Khalifa, you can imagine countless possibilities that normally can’t happen. The creation of this building is a memorable event in itself. Entertainment is guaranteed so here your expectation will acknowledge properly.

The Dubai Fountain:

Have you ever seen the largest fountain around you? In the basement of Burj Khalifa, you will find it. You will love seeing multiple fountain shows with 20000 gallons of water scheduled daily. In the air, it goes 5 up to 500 feet. It is free to see and will rock in the air with different musical numbers.

Burj al Arab:

This 7star luxurious hotel is one of the best iconic landmarks of the globe. Therefore you must see this attractive building or can have fun in the evening. Indeed with the 90-minute tour, visitors can access this luxurious hotel. Here you can enjoy the beauty of hotels with their uncovered history.

Dinner in the Sky:

Up to 165 feet in the air, you can make dinner by seeing the alluring beauty of Dubai. Further, you will enjoy a wide variety of Middle Eastern mezze with burrata salads. You can experience this no-forgetting moment with your loved ones. You will enjoy the slide rotation of the table over the course.

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Dubai Camel Ride

You can enjoy camel riding with your family. With your kids, you can also enlist this fun-based thing to do in Dubai. In the desert, you will enjoy camel riding with exploring other creatures such as some species of gazelle and Arabian oryxes. Do not be afraid of camels because these animals are very calm, so enjoy the high of the ground on this trip.

The Dubai Mall:

More than 100 million visitors come to Dubai mall in a year. Enjoy the luxurious shops with brand-new items. Additionally, you can enjoy window shopping in the mall because there are more than 1200 shops—a must-to-do thing on your Dubai trip that will energize you with new energy.

Dubai Skydive:

The most exciting and memorable thing you need to do is skydive on a Dubai trip. Are you ready to jump from a plane that has a 120mph speed? A vivid best view from the air after a jump can enhance adrenal in you, so why do you not include this body-shaking experience in your new attraction list in Dubai?

Desert Safari:

The best part of your trip is exploring Dubai desert safari that will connect you with the culture of Arabs. These deserts are not barns. You will see the mixture of modern and tradition of the emirates. At every step of your journey, you will find new excitement because, with family and kids, you will take selfies. Unveil the beauty of the desert with a quick drive.

Palm Jumeirah:

In palm Jumeirah Beach, you will enjoy striking waves. You will see happiness, laughter, and a sea breeze that gives you freshness You will enjoy the hotel management service. Thus you will surely visit in your next trip.

Aquaventure Waterpark:

In exploring the Dubai journey, you have to visit Aquaventure Waterpark. A visitor will enjoy its rides and marine activities. This largest water park includes a kids’ area and the best private beaches for all generations.

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