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How To Book The Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert safari Dubai is one of the most established and coveted events in the United Arab Emirates. For a major fact: dry soft Arabian sand. In addition to hitting the dunes on the highest red dunes in Arabia, dine with dreamy sunset views and a delicious barbecue buffet. Convenience you can find in an authentic Bedouin camp.

Also, the atmosphere of the camp offers a lifetime event. You will not find it anywhere else on the planet. But if the desert safari is in Dubai, you can book this event. So when planning my trip to Dubai, I realized that I would have to include a desert safari trip to remember the full bucket list experience!

How To Book a Desert Safari?

We hope you enjoy the extension of service and the reputation of reputable tour operators. Who offers a trip to Dubai attractions at low prices? This is the wish of every traveler coming to the UAE, not just myself.

If you do a quick Google search to find out your preferences are. You already realize that there are a lot of companies over 100. These offer comparable packages after a very extensive search and scrolling.

How Do I Book?

Finding a travel agency is very important to me. He is prompt, thorough, and professional. Our huge group of 20 friends and colleagues has the potential to include a picnic. I also need to make sure the quality of the Desert Safari Tour is not compromised. Also, the highest red Arabian dunes we visited – well. The precise clarity and lack of generosity of the word – is beautiful!

Where to book You should visit the site mentioned above. However, it is also good to book your Dubai tours 24 hours in advance.

I booked a 6 pm desert safari with a BBQ buffet dinner. It is coated for 55 dirhams/person. It also has a delightful open BBQ dinner buffet. The truth is the excursion was awesome!

An additional major benefit of booking with Happy Adventures Tourism LLC is that the Bedouin Campsite and all 4X4 vehicles are on their own. They do not conduct their business on a partnership basis with several tourism companies. Why does this result come about? This indicates that you will get a more knowledgeable opportunity and an increased level of service.

Highlights Of The Tour:

Sunset photography on high red dunes. You can walk there or between ATV bikes and do sandboarding in the red Arabian sand. Read more

A Real Bedouin Camp Experience at Extraordinary Desert Camp:

Excursions include pickup and drop-off from our hotel. However, you can access that service to your home via a 4X4 vehicle. Our four Land Cruisers arrived at our hotel. They are available for our visit. The tour mentors were completely friendly, well-mannered, and attentive.

We were able to comfortably seat 6 people in one vehicle. We quickly enlisted the help of our tourist guide Ali. He’s so crazy; he’s pouring out the best hip-hop jams in old college. He made the whole occasion fun for us!

Our first visit was to the leisure district. Our tourism guides inflated our Nissan petrol tires. Before heading to the Arabian desert. In the meantime, I was able to cope with the toilet break. Choose a lightweight refreshment pack and borrow an ATV quad bike. Our rare colleagues tried ATV.

Dune Bashing in The Desert:

Dune bashing is effortlessly one of the most discrete and enjoyable experiences. You try Arbi in the desert, so do it if you are healthy and medically well. There is no justification for what you do not want to do!

Vehicles also come with safety features to ensure your safety for the Dubai desert safari. On the one hand, licensed professionals drive the car for you to enjoy a secure business.

Activities at the Bedouin Camp:

Snacks include French fries, Arabian coffee, tea, shawarma, and sweets.

We tried with a photo session wearing traditional Arabic dresses (Abaya and Condor)

Camel Ride to The Campsite:

Henna designed, mirrored, and posed for a portrait holding a majestic eagle.

Barbecue dinner buffet with international and local dishes (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian)

Live entertainment shows include belly dancing, LED Sonora, and fire shows.