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Enjoy the Experience Of Desert Safari

People always love listening and reading experiences. Dubai Desert safari is one of the best tourist places I have ever visited. The peace of nature and the beautiful scenery of the rising sun from the high dunes of the sand in the desert gave a whole different kind of mental peace and relaxation. When the light of the rising sun colloids with the particles of sand, it converts into white light and looks like the diamonds are glowing everywhere. The beauty of nature in the desert safari is indescribable, and you can only experience the things if you visit the Dubai desert safari on your own. But in this article, I’ll try to share some of my experiences and thoughts about my trip. And I am sure that you’ll learn a lot of things after reading this article.

My Experience Of Morning Trip Of Desert Safari:

Almost 2 years back, I have booked my trip to Dubai Desert Safari with a company “Dubai Desert Safari.” At 5 am of the morning, the trip was started, and a professional driver came to receive me. After the drive of 30 minutes, we reached the desert, and the sun started rising very slowly. We were in the land cruiser, and the driver was very professional and well equipped with all the safety tools and measurements. He started driving the car on the low and high dunes of the sand. And I don’t have words to explain the scenery of that rising sun in the desert.

Once we reached our first destination, there were arrangements of 4/4 land cruisers and 4 wheeler bikes for riding and entertainment purposes. All the safety measures were fully arranged, and there was no danger of any injury or accident. The drivers gave us the options that whether we wanted to drive alone or with the guide. I choose to ride alone because I know how to drive, but if you are going on a desert safari and don’t have any idea to drive the car or 4 wheeler bike, you should choose to go with the guide. He will give you directions and all the precautions about driving the land cruiser of the bike. That riding process is up to 45 minutes, and after the enjoyment of driving, they offered me breakfast.

Breakfast Experience:

The breakfast at the trip by the company was one f the most delicious and mouth-watering breakfasts I ever had in my life. There are some very thin pieces of bread with lamb ouzi and chicken kebabs. Those kebabs were full of chicken juice and gave a different taste. The salad in the breakfast was also very awesome. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. So if you are a vegetarian, then there are many other meals and recipes are available for you there, and you can select any meal you want.

After having breakfast, there are several kinds of dessert meals they serve. You can also have tea, coffee, or lassi according to your choice. I chose coffee, and believe me, that was the best and most yummy coffee. They also serve fried rice, yogurt, Russian salad, and BBQ chicken, mutton, beef, and camel. The breakfast was arranged according to our demand, including eggs, Arabic loaves of bread, sweet noodles, and several kinds of pancakes.

Arts and Live Entertainment:

After having breakfast, it was time to enjoy some designs and live performances. I heard many times about Henna Tattoo and the art. And i was very excited to have it on m body. I asked the guide to call the professionals of Henna art to draw a tattoo on my arm. A girl with his art types of equipment arrived and greeted me in very few seconds. She asked me very politely, that which kind of art do you want on my arm. I asked him to draw a lion’s face on my arm, and she started drawing it. After a few minutes, she finished his amazing art, hilarious and hysterical lion’s face on my arm.

Now that was almost 11 am, and the function of belly dance by the beautiful women and men was arranged. They started dancing, and the collaborations and call to action were amazing. I wished to attend the fire show, but that function was not part of the morning trip. I was heard once that the combination of belly dance and fire show is hilarious. But I missed that thing due to the trip of morning time. But the morning time was also very awesome and full of entertainment and fun.

Sharing Of Thoughts:

According to my experience, first, you should choose the right company for the trip to the desert safari in Dubai. I hired “Dubai Desert Safari,” and I gave them a 5-star rating at the end of the trip because everything was well arranged. I also suggest you contact them if you are willing to have a trip on a desert safari. Secondly, you should assume what you want. If you are on your family trip and want fun and entertainment, then the morning time will be best for you, but if you are looking for a peaceful and romantic place, then the evening or night time will be best for you.