Choose the Best Option Of Different Kinds Of Desert Safari Dubai

Choose the Best Option Of Different Kinds Of Desert Safari Dubai

A trip to Dubai is never complete without visiting a Desert safari in Dubai offered by different companies in Dubai. Adventure Group is one the famous in the list of Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari:

This great combination of morning tours with desert safari from Dubai and Sharjah allows you to experience the desert heritage of Dawn along with our leading experts in the UAE on a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser.

After this, you ride a camel for a long ride. The trip starts at 9 am and continues till noon. Between hours, you got an unforgettable feeling. Start with a Dune Drive on a modern, adventurous Dubai desert safari.

It is one of the most refreshing ways to capture the breathtaking morning views of the desert and get a huge dose of fun and adventure (tune-boating ride, camel trip, quad-biking session, etc.). Go on a sunrise desert safari to see firsthand the light emanating over the vast, rolling dunes.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai:

Your trip to Dubai would not be complete without exploring the great functionality of an evening desert safari. This fascinating journey starts from your destination (hotel/accommodation) at around 3 pm on the Hajjar Mountains towards the Red Hills. The Galvanizing Down Ride by our leading experts allows you to see real adventure on the spot. The pictures give you a wonderful evening view.

Nevertheless, the Bedouin-style desert camp continues the evening fun with warm greetings for the barbecue dinner and live entertainment.

Evening desert safaris include full barbecue meals cooked to perfection and cultural experiences such as shisha smoking and traditional emirate cultural performances. However, you will all enjoy immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring desert atmosphere with the orange-pink-gold colour of the sunset.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Enjoy a night at Bedouin Camp and experience the desert life overnight. The much-anticipated Dune Bashing Ride takes place in the evening, turning it into a fantastic event on your Dubai trip.

Guests arriving at the desert camp zone with Arabic coffee are given a traditional welcome. And don’t miss out on getting your hands on traditional henna painting by professional artists and Arabic costumes for photo memories that you can enjoy while camping.

Immerse yourself in the splendour of the Dubai Desert overnight. Participate in tons of desert-inspired activities, indulge in luxurious meals, watch traditional performances and enjoy a lovely stay under the umbrella of the Arabian Desert sky. Above all, this option allows you to see the spectacular views of the sunset and sunrise over the desert.

What is a Typical Desert Safari Like?

Desert Safari is a wonderful combination of heart-stopping adventure activities, authentic cultural experiences and delicious culinary delights. Depending on your desert safari option, you can expect to include the following in your most anticipated desert tour.

Common Things Of Desert Safari Activities:

Desert safari Dubai offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. These include Live shows, 4×4 driving, Belly dance, camel rides, live BBQ and sandboarding.

For Camel Riding:

Arabian land adventure is camel ride in the sand is best for all the visitors that come to Dubai. People choose the camel ride for desert drive and also for the photography.

For Sandboarding:

Sandboarding is a unique part of a desert trip that is not in another country for the move on the red sand. Moving on the board is stunning activity.

Quad Bike:

If you are looking for more rugged ways to find desert sand in Dubai, you can choose to hit various dunes on a quad bike that can do easy stunts, which is perfect for beginners and first-time riders alike. Alternatively, you can make sandboard.

Dune Bashing:

Land cruiser cars are used for the desert safari dune bashing in the desert. Jumping on the high dune and rough ride is amazing for the visitors.


Live BBQ dinner in the camp is included in the desert safari package. Food and other eating thing are also available.


Choose the best option for the desert safari, and the evening desert safari is the best for the adventure. All live shows include in the evening safari package and time.